Cashflow Finance

Cashflow and working capital are the heartbeat of any business. So, the more the better. If you are a business which sells its goods or services to other businesses on extended credit terms, then Cashflow Finance may benefit you.

What is Cashflow Finance?

Cashflow Finance is a specialised form of finance that accommodates your business’s need to create flexible funding, either to support growth or provide working capital to overcome difficult trading conditions.

This is done through a process generically known as Debtor Finance, which supplies working capital primarily secured by your business’s account receivables.

Debtor Finance, also known as Factoring or Invoice Discounting, is the process of selling your business’s debt receivables, in return for immediate access to funds until the debt is paid by your customer.

Cashflow Finance is suitable for businesses that are:

  1. Undergoing expansion but having difficulty in financing the growth.
  2. Starting up and encountering resistance from lenders.
  3. Expanding through acquisition.
  4. Restructuring and recapitalising their operations.
  5. Experiencing difficult trading conditions and needing financial support.
  6. Unable to increase their funding due to the constraints of their existing lenders.
  7. Subcontracting in the construction and mining services industries and invoicing by progress claims.


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