Source it!

…with Trevor Phillips

Trevor’s experience in commercial asset finance is extensive and his professionalism is exceptional. Leading roles with major local and international lenders have provided him with the ability to fashion a fantastic service offering under the brand, Source Financial Services.

Since 2009, Source has been helping businesses, large and small, arrange and manage the best possible solutions to meet their commercial asset finance needs. Source has accreditation with all of the major Australian banks and asset finance lenders and is a member of the peak industry body, Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association (CAFBA).

Whilst having ‘know-how’ is extremely important, Trevor prides himself on achieving customer satisfaction by developing positive relationships with all parties involved in the finance transaction including customers, lenders and suppliers.   As a result of Trevor’s personability and due to his rich knowledge of the finance industry, transactions are completed seamlessly and efficiently leaving both lender and customer feeling satisfied.   This feeling of satisfaction is only enhanced by Trevor’s ability to provide sage advice throughout the transaction.

Trevor prides himself on his effective communication with customers and takes every step to ensure the customer understands every part of the lending process.  Seeing a satisfied customer is the culmination of excellent knowledge of the finance industry, understanding the customers requirements and providing a high standard of service – Trevor ticks all the boxes.